© 2018 by Evyn Venkateswaran


Cleveland Institute of Art | Illustration | Class of 2019

Pronouns: He/Him/His


As you can tell by the title and the URL of this website,

my name is Evyn Venkateswaran,

the correct way to pronounce my name is:

"Ev-in VEN-kuh-tes-wah-RUN​"


I was born and raised in Bay Area California, currently residing in Cleveland, OH

I work over at Case Western Reserve University’s LGBT Center as a Graphic Designer/Illustrator

& Program Coordinator

I'm interested in creating illustrations that include

a variety of representation, examples being characters within the LGBTQIAP+ spectrum and/or PoC multi-ethnic backgrounds

Once I graduate, I am interested in illustrating for merchandising or marketing, mainly creating images to be printed or printed on things. Asides from that I enjoy dabbling in other types of Illustration disciplines such as portraiture, storybooks-inspired, and card illustrations. In my free time, I like creating artworks that combine traditional and digital mediums as well as practicing both disciplines separately.